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Who is Alkan Law Firm?

The Firm especially gives advices to foreign clients about any possible investments can be made in the Northern Cyprus and bridges over its clients about any necessary transactions in the local or international banks.

The lawyers in this firm work hard to provide the safest and the fastest way to invest for its clients in Northern Cyprus by fulfill all the necessary actions in all the related departments of the government.

Latest questions and answers

1How can I buy Property in Northern Cyprus?
All foreign citizens who would like to buy a property in Northern Cyprus must obtain a permission from the Council of Ministers before the property get registered on their names.

Our firm can make the application on your behalf. The necessary documents are below.
  • A Sale of the Contract
  • Side plan of the property
  • Copy of the title deed
  • Copy of your passport
  • Criminal record (must be original)
2As a Foreign Citizen, Can I buy or establish a Company in Northern Cyprus?
You have a legal right to hold maximum of 49% of shares in a Company in Northern Cyprus. Which means minimum 51% share must be hold by a TRNC citizen in a Company in Northern Cyprus according to the law. Also the director must be a TRNC citizen.
3What is the limitation of buying property in Northern Cyprus for foreigners?
2 donum of land or 1 flat or 1 villa.
4How much should I pay for transfer in Land Registry
Land Registry cost is 6% of the value of the property. If you buy the property from a company you also pay 5% VAT.
5I would like to register my contract to the Land Registry. What should I do?
First you need to be sure that your contract has the signature of the registered owner or his/her representative. Then you need to pay 0.5% of the sale price as stamp duty in Tax Office. Now you are ready to bring the sale of contract to the land registry to fill the necessary forms and register your contract.


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  • We wish to thank Mr. Alkan for his tireless efforts in helping us. He has a long and successful record supporting expats and is a much respected advocate both within legal profession and among the countless in need of good support.
  • “We would recommend Hasan as a legal professional as without his help and legal knowledge we would have lost our villa like so many other ex pats have. After many years of uncertainty, Hasan was able to finalise the matter and bring it to a close. We are very pleased with the outcome and with Hasan's professionalism”
  • We thoroughly recommend the services of Hasan and his associates. It if had not been for the invaluable help and guidance given to us by Hasan, in all likelihood we could now be in a position of having to fight to save our house and secure our Kocan. We are now in receipt of our Kocan and look forward to spending many happy times in Northern Cyprus
  • We approached Hasan for help when our home was under threat of auction by the bank due to a mortgage on the land taken out by the builder and not repaid. We now feel secure and are very grateful to Hasan
  • Thank you Hasan Alkan for securing our Kocan, without your services we could not have achieved this. 
  • We would like to thank you for representing us for over four years, in the fight to obtain our Title Deeds and at last we have it, you have worked tirelessly, and would recommend you for being a conscientious, honest, reliable Advocate to anyone here in the TRNC. GOD bless you.
  • I used an advocacy company in Northern Cyprus for about 8 years to secure my Kocan without success. I changed to Hasan Alkan  who secured both justice and our Kocan in Kyrenia within one year. I would recommend Hasan’a company for anyone seeking justice from a very complicated legal system in Norhern Cyprus.
  • We have had Alkan Law Firm acting on our behalf In North Cyprus he has won the case in the lower court and now he is representing us in The High Court as the Bank is appealing the Judgement we won in the Kyrenia District Court . We wish them every success.
  • I started my legal trials and tribulations in Cyprus effectively in 2006.  My family bought  numerous assets and we hired many different lawyers sometimes simultaneously both in Kyrenia and in Nicosia. I personally went through seven lawyers before finding Hasan (Alkan Law Firm). When you eventually find Hasan you've arrived. It's the top of the tree and you can't go any higher. My recommendation to anyone looking for legal advice is save yourself the pain, go directly to Hasan's firm and stay there.
    Richard Barclay
    Managing Director
  • Alkan law firm represented us in a long running case in Kyrenia District Court and succeeded in winning against all the odds. We were always treated as friends rather than clients. Thank you Alkan Law firm.